khakiweed safaris
Khakiweed photographic safaris 2017
Q I am a solo traveller , can i go on my own ? , do i pay more as i am not sharing , will you  mix me with other solo travellers? A I try and match up solo travellers to a max. of 3 , this is most possible in day tours , obviously more clients the price drops.

Q  Does the tour price include entrance fees , and hotel pick ups and drop off

A Yes it does If the pick up point is not within 10kms of Sandton there will be a surcharge Q  What do i need to take with me , dress code , food , drinks etc. A  Casual clothing , its cold in the winter May to August, restaurants  shops in the parks, water and cool drinks are in the SUV Q  I don’t have a camera or binoculars with me , can i rent them A  I provide canon SLR and lenses and binoculars for your use , 8gb SD cards are available for extra R100 each

Q  Is the safari in an open vehicle , do we get out of the vehicle during the safari

A  The vehicle is a closed SUV , windows can be open , when not safe we close them, at hides we can get out of the vehicle

Q  Can we do a walking safari , and an open vehicle safari , can you safari at night time

A  All these options are available , all with parks board rangers only , but all can be arranged , there are costs involved.

Q  Is it safe in South Africa , where should we stay , hotels etc in Johannesburg 

A  Johannesburg is like any city , there are areas that can be bad, try select places away from the city centre. Q  What are service fees in SA and what’s the average prices of a take away burger, average  meal  A  Service fees average is 10% , its optional , average meal $10 per person .

Q  What animals can we expect to see , on a Day tour.

A  Elephants, Rhino, giraffe , zebra, wildebeest, kudu, impala, hippo, monkey, various birds, hard to see lions, leopard

Q  Are these real wildlife parks , like do animals survive without human intervention

A  These areas are not zoos, or safari parks , they are true conservation wild areas .

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